Summer Grilling

Summer equals burgers in my house. Big, fat, juicy, grilled burgers. Add a great group of friends, a few ice-cold beers and everyone's happy. Now I'll be honest, up until recently I would buy my burgers frozen *gasp* I know, ever since making my own I've come to realize just how silly it is to buy them frozen. Thin and tasteless vs big, fat and juicy! Seriously if you aren't making your own burger patties it's time to start!!

I'll admit I'm a bit persnickety when it comes to patty size so I go the extra mile and weigh mine but if you want to just eyeball it feel free. I usually get about 3 burgers out of every pound of meat. Scale this recipe as needed to suit your crowd.

  • 1 lb ground sirloin
  • 1 lb ground chuck
  • kosher salt & pepper (to taste)
  • oil for the grill

Mix together by hand both the meats. Add in a few good pinches of salt and a healthy dose of pepper (to taste). Once mixed measure out 154g (roughly) of beef and gently form it into a 1/2" thick disk. Coat each side with a good crust of salt/pepper (helps to form a crust on the grill).

Chill the burgers for a few minutes while you prepare the grill* for cooking over high heat. Scrub and oil your grate. Before putting the patties on the grill be sure to dent one side (to prevent the patties from puffing up into balls). Grill over high heat for 5mins per side. If you're wanting cheese go ahead and add to the burgers during the last couple of minutes. Toast your buns while the burgers rest and then top as you see fit!

*I use a propane grill

And there you have it folks, easy-peasy and oh so delicious burgers made by you! And the best part - once you've formed the patties (but before you salt/pepper the outside) go ahead and freeze them in a resealable bag. Ta-Da! Burgers any time you want them!