Garlic and Herb Pull-Apart Bread

Bread. Is. Everything. To me, anyways. You will never catch me on a zero carb/paleo diet. Just not my thing. I don't need to OD every day but in my books nothing beats a fresh loaf of crusty, but fluffy, bread. In my search for "fun bread" I came across this incredible recipe for Garlic and Herb Pull Apart Bread. OMG! This bread is everything I was looking for. Incredible flavours. Soft and fluffy insides. And a fun, shareable format!

You can find the recipe for this bread over at Baked By Rachel. I know, 8 cloves of garlic sounds like an awful lot but it's not. So worth it! My tips for construction and baking: when you go to put it all into the loaf pan I recommend standing the pan on it's end. That way you can stack from bottom to top rather than trying to hold the slices in place while adding the next few layers. Much easier! I also recommend you grate a little extra parmesan to all across the top before you bake.. the crusty cheese bits are delicious!

And there you have it! Perfectly fluffy bread that's perfect for sharing with a friends (aka me, myself, and I).

Thank you Rachel for this wonderful recipe!