What a Week!

Wow, what a week this has been! I am absolutely blown away by the reception my cookie recipe has received from Bon Appétit and their followers. I mean, I knew I loved the cookies but I didn't realize just how popular they'd be. I am truly honoured that Bon Appétit has deemed them "Hall of Fame" worthy! There is no greater praise than that (except perhaps hearing my daughter ask for them all the time).

The same day my recipe was posted for Reader's Choice Week I took a drive an hour north of me to pick up a 2 month old puppy. So needless to say my life has been just a wee bit insane! She's beyond adorable, Hazel is her name. She's pure German Shepherd and pure energy. 

I hope to be back with a recipe early next week. Have had a couple of requests for sandwich bread so I'll bring that to you asap!

For now I'm off to down a vat of coffee and snuggle the little fluffer that had me up at 430am!


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