Busy Couple of Months

Happy Tuesday everyone! I just realized this morning that you haven’t heard from me in quite a while, many apologies for that, but life turned upside down for a while and I’m only just now taking stock of the things I’d let slide.

The long and short of it is: we’re moving!! We’re moving into a new house 10 days before we leave the country for a month. Nope, not stressed, who said I was stressed?! Lol, yea right! 100% stressed and that’s why I’ve not been here much lately. All of my time and energy has been put into list making and closet purging. I’ve also put quite a dent in the packing already. Enough so that I’m starting to feel calm and (somewhat) prepared for this.


But enough about that. The exciting bit is actually coming after the move and that is our trip to France! 7 of us are renting a house in Lauris (Provence) and I will be sharing photos of our travels, and of all the amazing foods we’re going to eat. I hope you’ll follow along on Instagram. I doubt I’ll do a full blog post here but we’ll see. There will definitely be a big update when I’m back, just not sure about while I’m gone. 


About 6yrs ago all but two of the seven were in Lauris for a couple of weeks. My daughter was 2.5yrs old at the time and we had a great time showing her around. She loved it all! Though sadly remembers little to none of it. But this time should be different. I can’t wait to see what catches her interest this time. She’s also been learning French in school so this is a perfect excuse to practice.


One of the things I’m most looking forward to is the markets. They are filled with amazing fresh foods and goods. Baskets of all colours, and cheeses you’ve never even heard of. Not to mention all the olives, the fish, and the cured meats! I could go on and on. We’re also taking a two day trip to Paris, so on top of all the incredible markets I’ll also be visiting amazing patisseries! I can almost smell them already.


Have you been to the south of France before? Any favourite towns? Share in the comments, or drop me an email! I’d love your suggestions on places to go and things to see/do.

Until then please share with me your baking adventures, as I’ve already packed all my cookbooks and most of my kitchen. Going to be a slow baking month for me. I just want to get packed and get moved so I can settled into France, and enjoy every minute of it.



 As always I want to see what you’re up to so comment below or tag @ragebake #ragebake on Instragram or Facebook !

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