Almost Time

Good morning! This is my second last Sunday in this house. New adventures are right around the corner. It’s been a busy few weeks around here. Life keeps moving even when you could really use a pause button. Hubs is away for work, so all the packing is up to me. I don’t mind, but it does keep me busy. This is why I started weeks ago though, so I wouldn’t be pushing to the limit ever day. I’ve been able to enjoy my weekends filled with non-packing related activities because I know I’m on track.


My biggest hinderance at the moment is my dog! She got a hot spot on her side (potentially caused my stress of the move) and so is sporting a lovely cone-of-shame. Problem is it doesn’t phase her in the least so she’s now a 1yr old tank with a weapon of distruction attached to her head. My legs can attest to the strength with which she bashes into things. My legs, and the massive cracks she’s developed in the cone in less than a week. Ouch!


Setting the move aside for a minute, I am starting to get really excited for my trip to France!! It’s now coming up in less than 3wks. I can’t wait to hit all the markets, and wander down the narrow streets. I’m buying myself a new memory card just for this trip. So I don’t have to worry about running out of space, and also because I can’t find any of the ones I’m sure are here somewhere. Likely stashed in a super safe place, never to be seen again.

I hope you’ll all follow along on the journey. I’ll try my best not to bombard you all with daily photos as I’m sure I’ll share them all again in a post here. But I’m going to try and wrap my head around Instagram stories. I’ve used them once or twice but haven’t quite figured out how to efficiently use them. If anyone has any tips I’d appreciate them! Comment below, send me an email, or find me on Instagram. Thanks in advance!


I know today’s post wasn’t much of a post but I prematurely packed all my baking supplies and have mostly been eating at my sister’s house this last week. Lol. Thanks for feeding me! 

Can’t promise I’ll be here again until the trip but I will write again soon, and you can always find me on Instagram (where I am most active). 

À bientôt!  See you soon!


As always I want to see what you’re baking so be sure to comment below or tag #ragebake @ragebake on Instagram!