Vive La France!

 *Note: I started writing this on Saturday but then my painfully slow internet couldn’t keep up with photo uploads so I bailed. It’s now Monday afternoon and I’m just getting back to the post now. Any other comments in Italics are afterthoughts added on Monday.


Week one is wrapping up and so far zero complaints! We have had excellent weather and amazing food. First weekend was a bit of a write-off as we were all completely exhausted from the long flight and busy airports (my lord Charles de Gaulle is a zoo!!) And then once we all felt better we decided to stay up half the night consuming a bottle of Calvados and talking about old memories and sharing many laughs (and just a few tears). Wonderful night but might have been wiser to delay a week or so. LOL oh well, c’est la vie! *insert French shrug*

I’m not going to drone on and on about all the places we’ve been or the food we’ve eaten. For slightly more frequent updates be sure to follow me on Instagram, I’m far better with the quick and easy story/photo updates.  But here are a few highlights:

Not surprisingly, at the top of my list has got to be the food! Magret de canard for my first lunch in Lourmarin was perfect, and back at the same restaurant several days later I had another incredible meal, but haven’t a clue what it was! I couldn’t make up my mind so just asked for their recommendation. Got some sort of slow braised buffalo/beef/bull, or whatever he said it was.  Delicious, that’s all I know!! I’ve also had more espressos than I can count and they’re almost always amazing. I didn’t really do espresso going into this trip but it sure cuts down on the need to pee while on the go. Lol. And also it’s so very French!


Planning your day a little bit is important because everything closes in the afternoon so you need to make sure you do what needs doing while you can! Ie: lunch is only served from 12-2/3 (depending on the place) and stores often close from 1230-330. So plan accordingly! When we arrive at a town we tend to immediately find a café, and then have our espressos, or café allongées (American coffee), while we plan the walking route. Then we pick out our lunch spot and meet there if we’ve split up at all (there are 7 of us). Nothing is rushed, or panicked, and if we are all feeling lazy we just stay home and enjoy the pool or play some games (the rain has been a factor there too).


Weather for the first week gave us a thunderstorm every day but never until after 3pm so we always had plenty of sunny hours for doing all the wandering we wanted. Since Wednesday we’ve been rain-free but it’s due back tomorrow/Monday. So tomorrow is going to be a quiet home day. To be used for catching up on homework (for the kiddo), and for playing games and reading books.  (Note: Sunday was definitely a home day in the rain, it poured buckets! But we also grilled some burgers for dinner after the rain let up - not wise considering it was only 6C outside and the wind made it more like 1C).

Aside from that we haven’t really been cooking/baking, but we have been enjoying all the baguettes and cheeses we can get our hands on. Plus in Aix-en-Provence we stopped at Patisserie Béchard and got a whole pile of pastries to try. All were delicious but the raspberry tart was insane! Want to go back just for that. Next week (day after tomorrow!) we are headed to Paris and have a couple of other bakeries to stop at (assuming I can find time). Will keep you posted on those!


I think that’s about all from me for now, I’m tired and in the middle of a load of laundry (got the laundry done on Saturday but am tired from the nearly 5hrs in the car today) so I think I’m going to sign off and go read my book before dinner. Feel free to message any time! Here, Instagram, Facebook or email! Never hesitate. 

Á bientôt! 


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